Building Design

Covering a wide range of building structures, fulfilling the desires of the most demanding customers.

Brief Description

  • Detailed Design of building structures, ranging from residences to complex buildings.
  • Utilization of various structural materials and structural systems.
  • Adaptability to the clients’ individual demands.

OptimumCE enjoys extensive experience and expertise in the structural and earthquake design of building structures. Simultaneously, the strong knowledge background of our structural engineers and the long term avocation of the office in the design of hundreds of building structures; ensures the deliverance of essential, innovative services to the clients and solutions that span a broad range of the building sector. The office undertakes the structural design and the respective thoroughness structural detailing of several building types, extending from typical residences to complex buildings of the private and the public sector, as they are indicatively stated below:

  • Dwellings, residences and low to high-rise apartment buildings.
  • Office and administration facilities.
  • Single retail shops, commercial buildings, hypermarkets and shopping malls.
  • Gyms, courts, recreation areas and sports halls.
  • Churches, museums, religion and monumental buildings.
  • Theatres, concert halls, cultural centers and multipurpose areas.
  • Hotels and tourism accommodation.
  • Cafeterias, restaurants and dining halls.
  • Schools, tuition centers, educational facilities.
  • Embassies, city halls and other civil, public buildings.
  • Gas stations.
  • Multistorey parking areas.

Corresponding to the construction industry progress and to the unconventional clients’ demands, the office’s building design capabilities are spreading in a diverse range of structural materials, as they are listed below:

  • Concrete structures.
  • Steel structures, comprising a variety of structural systems.
  • Steel-concrete composite structures.
  • Timber structures.
  • Masonry structures.

The comprehensive structural modeling, analysis and design procedures, applied by the structural engineers, elaborate all the potentially induced actions, such as:

  • Permanent loading.
  • Live loading.
  • Earthquake actions.
  • Wind actions.
  • Snow loading.
  • Thermal effects.
  • Fire actions.
  • Vehicle loading.
  • Prestress loading.
  • Settlement actions.
  • Actions during execution.
  • Other accidental actions.