Energy performance consultancy services have been provided several building structures. The assigned tasks included the:

  • derivation of the most suitable thermal insulations methods for the individual buildings’ components,
  • calculation of the respective thermal characteristics (u-value and thermal capacity),
  • selection of the appropriate HVAC and renewable energy sources systems,
  • issuance of the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and
  • generation of the respective thermal insulation drawings.

Besides the energy performance consultancy for new buildings, Optimum Civil Engineering undertakes the energy performance upgrade of existing buildings. This task can be discretized in two major components. The first is related with the thermal insulation of the building’s shell (thus the facades, the roof and the exposed floors) by adding insulation layers on the existing shell or by replacing the low U-value shell elements. The second component consists either in the replacement or the upgrade of the existing HVAC, HWS and lighting or the installation of new, more efficient, feasible and environmentally friendlier systems and in the application of renewable energy sources systems.

Indicative case studies of energy performance upgrade:

Doras Varnava House

  • Size: 125 m2
  • Building type: Single story residence
  • Description:

This single story house in Athienou, Larnaca was constructed in the late 1940s with adobe masonry walls and timber rood structure. The extended deterioration due to the weathering effects and the lack of proper maintenance necessitated the structural retrofit and the refurbishment of the structure. The upgrade of its energy performance was mandatory, due to the relatively high operational costs. The roof’s structure was reconstructed, thermally insulated with extruded polystyrene boards and waterproofed with polyester film. The windows and the doors were replaced with new ones, consisting of PVC frame, low-emissivity dual glass and exterior shading system. The walls’ plaster was removed and lower thermal conductivity plaster was applied, while no extra insulation layer was added due to the space limitations. A central heating system with high COP liquid petroleum gas (LPG) boiler was installed, whereas the cooling is provided by split units. The hot water is primarily supplied by a solar panel system with horizontal water cylinder and insulated piping installed on the roof, while an auxiliary system connected with the central heating was also implemented. The selection of the materials, the methodology of the energy performance upgrade and the consequent construction activities were carried out with particular cautiousness in order to minimize the effects on the building’s architectural character.

Constantias Karoushiou House

  • Size: 180 m2
  • Building type: Single story residence
  • Description:

The energy performance of this single story house fabricated in Athienou, Larnaca, in the mid 1980 was rather poor, despite the fact that its windows and doors we