Industrial Facilities

Oriented to the special requisitiness of the industrial plants.

Brief Description

  • Design of a broad range of industrial facilities, extending from warehouses to heavy industrial plants.
  • Design of ancillary structures.
  • Consideration of accommodated equipment.

Our company has significant contribution in the structural design of industrial facilities. Whether the project is a single story storage area or a heavy industrial plant, significant attention is attributed in the provision of the most efficient and flexible use of the utilitarian space. Regarding the plants, which accommodate mechanical equipment and other machinery, major effort is made for the elimination of the resulting dangers and the secureness of safety during their operation. Furthermore, the performance of detailed analyses under the action of the machinery induced loading, and the resulting design, are considered of vital importance for the structural integrity of the plant. Besides the design of the main building structures, substantial work is produced, related to the design of other ancillary structures, such as liquid storage tanks, reservoirs, silos, reactors, crane supporting structures, crane runway beams, high rise shelves and a lot of other supplemental structures. Our portfolio of industrial facilities includes:

  • Single story and multistory warehouses.
  • Light industrial projects.
  • Food processing factories.
  • Solid and liquid domestic/industrial/farm waste treatment plants.
  • Photovoltaic and solar power plants.
  • Recycling plants.
  • Gas stations.
  • Agricultural and farming facilities.
  • Vehicle inspection and service centers.
  • Concrete production units.
  • Equipment and machinery manufacturing facilities.
  • Plethora of other industrial plants.