AUDI Terminal Building

Client: Unicars Ltd.
Architect: Marios Myrianthousis
Size: 4650 m2
Project description:
Two-story commercial building with basement, with total plan area 4650 m², located in Latsia, a suburb of Nicosia, Cyprus. The structural system of the basement consists of monolithic shear walls along the perimeter and inner reinforced concrete frames. The superstructure’s lateral load resisting system consists of moment resisting and braced frames along the main direction and braced frames along the secondary direction. Several bracing types are implemented, such as concentric x and v diagonal braces and eccentric braces, due to architectural facade limitations. The arrangement of the braces has been studied thoroughly for the minimization of the torsional effects, introduced by the presence of human and vehicle lifts on the corner of the building. First level’s and roof’s deck is steel-reinforced concrete composite slab. A section optimization has been carried out for all the steel structural members.