Christakis S. Victoros Farm

Client: Chistakis S. Victoros Ltd.
Size: 4,656 m²
Project description:
This farm is situated in Aradippou, Larnaca. The project consists of two single story, steel structures; a structure that is used for animals stabling and feeding purposes and another structure being utilized as fodder storage space. The stable, which covers an area of 3,696 m², is a multibay canopy. The principle horizontal direction’s structural system is described as a moment resisting frame, while the secondary direction’s system is concentrically braced frame, with x-diagonal braces along the inner and the outer frames. The same design scheme was adopted for the storage building also, which covers an area of 960 m¹. The foundation of both structures is composed of spread footings interconnected with a grid of tie beams.