Constantia’s Karoushiou House

Client: Constantia Karoushiou
Size: 180 m²
Building type: Single story residence
Project description:
The energy performance of this single story house fabricated in Athienou, Larnaca, in the mid 1980 was rather poor, despite the fact that its windows and doors were replaced in 2010. The energy performance calculations indicated energy category “Z” and led the owner towards its energy performance upgrade. Due to the limited budget, the only upgraded shell element was the flat concrete roof, which was thermally insulated with extruded polystyrene boards and waterproofed with bitumen sheets. The energy calculations demonstrated that a significant energy-inefficient source was the lighting system, which was replaced, with negligible expenses, with a cost saving system. The energy savings obtained with the implementation of the two aforementioned measures arose to 50 %, whereas the determined energy category was “C”.