Cyta Mobile Telephony Structures

Client: Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (CYTA)
Project description:
During this contractual agreement with Cyprus Telecommunications Authority, we provided a broad range of civil engineering consultancy services. We renewed and acquired the town planning and building permits for existing and new telecommunications structures, respectively, all over Cyprus. Moreover, we elaborated the structural design studies for a variety of newly introduced types of telecommunication structures. Specifically, these new typologies comprise self-supporting steel poles and timber guyed masts installed in rural areas. In addition, we delivered the structural design studied for heavy-duty rooftop antennas, capable to host significantly increased telecommunication equipment. Furthermore, we designed new high importance, rooftop lattice structures, which will host displacement-sensitive telecommunication equipment. Also, we supervised the fabrication and installation of the aforementioned structures in various sites.
Besides the design of new structures, we evaluated the existing structural design studies for high-rise poles installed in rural areas, we computationally assessed their bearing capacity and we derived their strengthening schemes, in order to comply with the provisions of the Eurocodes and to increase their capacity to host telecommunication equipment. Moreover, we undertook the strengthening design for an existing high-rise guyed mast, installed on the roof of a telecommunication center.
Finally, we assessed the bearing capacity of existing buildings and their capacity to accommodate rooftop antennas and telecommunication equipment and prepared respective technical reports.