Triangular lattice masts

Client: Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (CYTA)
Project description:
A triangular mast, which is going to be supported either on ground or on buildings’ roofs, has been designed. The structure consists of individual lattice segments, which are connected in height, via splice connections, to construct a lattice mast of the desirable height for each application. The existence of numerous telephony devices and multiple combinations of them, as well as their random spatial distribution required the performance of several analyses, in order to take into account the spatial variation of the wind-induced loads. Since the structure will be installed on existing buildings’ roofs, profound attention has been paid in the design of the base plates of the legs of the lattice mast. The primary parameter of concern was the limited thickness of the existing roof slabs, which imposed restrictions on the effective anchorage length and on the resulting pull-out resistance. Moreover, the locally limited stress concentration, due to the anchors induced actions, introduced further design constraints, regarding the resistance of the slab to concrete local failure modes, such as concrete cone failure and concrete pryout failure.