Signboard Fabrication Workshop

Size: 128 m²
Project description:
Steel structure workshop with monopitch roof, to be constructed in the suburbs of Larnaca. A moment resisting frame was applied for the primary direction, while a braced frame was selected along the secondary direction. The numerous performed analyses revealed the supremacy of the eccentric braced structural scheme versus the commonly used x-diagonal bracing system. The implementation of flexible I-section columns resulted in a relatively low stiffness structural system along the primary direction. The utilization of the x-diagonal bracing system along the secondary direction led to significantly higher stiffness along the homologous direction and excited the torsional response of the building. Contrariwise, the eccentric bracing system demonstrated more controlled increase of the stiffness and minimized the torsional phenomenon. In addition, it is characterized by transcendent inelastic performance in comparison with other bracing systems.