SouthWinds Tower

Client: SouthWinds Ltd.
Architect: Zenon A. Zenonos
Size: 2600 m² (approximately)   
Project description:
Commercial and office high-rise building to be erected in Agioi Omologites, Nicosia. It comprises a two level basement with plan area of 530 m2 each, being utilized as parking areas. The ten story concrete superstructure will exceed the height of 30 m. The ground level, with a semicircular plan area of 215 mwill be used as a showroom and it accommodates a mezzanine of 140 m2. The three overlying, rectangular plan stories as well as the upper, irregular plan stories will be used as offices. The dominant design challenge was the minimization of the torsional response of a building with extensive plan and elevation irregularities.