Upgrade of telecommunication equipment 

Client: Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (CYTA)
Project description:

The continuous upgrade of the mobile network of the Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (CYTA) requires the provision of specific civil engineering services. The primary aim of the project consists in the upgrade or the replacement of the existing telecommunication equipment, in order to accommodate sufficiently the most recent technology, due to the significant increase of the equipment loads and of the resulting wind actions. Site visits are held at the infrastructure stations, to perform visual inspection of the building structure and to assess the existing equipment. Moreover, the optimum typology of telecommunication structure and its proper location are derived, after the evaluation of the local conditions and restraints. Upon the submission of the relative proposal to the authorities, the quantity surveying, the cost estimation, the check and the update of the repository’s stock, the coordination of the contractors and the subsequent supervision of the erection process are being performed.