Structural and Cost Optimization

Exploring the structurally superior and the cost optimum solutions.

Brief Description

  • Optimum structural performance.
  • Significant financial savings.

Structural optimization constitutes a challenging aspect of structural engineering. The advantages resulting from the identification of the optimum solution, which associates the most exceptional structural performance with the most profitable financial condition, are intelligible. These axiomatical advantages are related firstly to the client, who is gaining a safer structure at a lower cost and secondly to the global economy, due to the constraint that is set to the overconsumption of the natural resources. Our office is thoroughly studying the potential optimization of each, individual structure, by:

  • proposing potential geometry modification of the structure,
  • exploring the most suitable structural material and consecutively the most effective mechanical properties of the selected material,
  • identifying the most efficient structural system,
  • determining the most appropriate structural section types and deriving their most efficient sizing.