Energy Performance

Energy performance consultancy services have been provided several building structures. The assigned tasks included the:

  • derivation of the most suitable thermal insulations methods for the individual buildings’ components,
  • calculation of the respective thermal characteristics (u-value and thermal capacity),
  • selection of the appropriate HVAC and renewable energy sources systems,
  • issuance of the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and
  • generation of the respective thermal insulation drawings.

Besides the energy performance consultancy for new buildings, Optimum Civil Engineering undertakes the energy performance upgrade of existing buildings. This task can be discretized in two major components. The first is related with the thermal insulation of the building’s shell (thus the facades, the roof and the exposed floors) by adding insulation layers on the existing shell or by replacing the low U-value shell elements. The second component consists either in the replacement or the upgrade of the existing HVAC, HWS and lighting or the installation of new, more efficient, feasible and environmentally friendlier systems and in the application of renewable energy sources systems.