Energy and Environment

Emphasizing energy savings, focusing on environmental protection and promoting sustainability.

Brief Description

  • Energy performance certificates for buildings.
  • Upgrade of energy performance of existing buildings.
  • Environmental impact assessment studies.

Energy performance of buildings

The necessity for the improvement of the energy performance of buildings is a strongly consolidated issue, especially during the recent years. The reduction of the energy consumption and the consequent decrease of buildings operational costs are a significant health and financial benefit for the occupants. Moreover, they constitute an expedient contribution to the natural environment, since it leads to the limitation of the greenhouse emissions, to the prevention of the depletion of the natural resources and it “opposes” to the climate changes. Our office is cognitively prepared to carry out energy efficiency studies, to identify particular energy loss and thermal bridges phenomena and to upgrade the energy performance of buildings, by proposing effective thermal insulation measures. Particular emphasis is given in the promotion of energy renewable sources, inasmuch by the 1st of January 2021; all the new buildings should be nearly zero-energy buildings. Furthermore, we undertake the elaboration of energy performance certificates (EPC) for new and existing buildings.

Environmental impact assessment

The construction, the operation and the dismantling certain public and private projects may generate potential effects to the environment. These types of projects, according to European legislation (85/337/EEC, 97/11/EC, 2003/35/EC), must be subjected to an environmental impact assessment. Our environmental engineers detect and evaluate the effects that a project will have on the environment, ranging from minor environmental issues up to severe environmental hazards and they identify and derive all the suitable measures in order to avoid, reduce and, if possible, remedy significant adverse effects. The office focusing on the achievement of a harmonic balance between the environmental protection and the socioeconomic progress, develops:

  • Environmental impact assessment studies, for projects which induce significant unfavorable effects on the environment.
  • Preliminary environmental impact assessment reports, for projects which induce mild unfavorable effects on the environment.