Welcome to OptimumCE

OptimumCE stands for Optimum Civil Engineering and is one of the leading and well established civil engineering offices in Cyprus. It was founded by the civil engineer Loucas Varnava in 1984, initially focusing on structural engineering, while its present facilities are situated in Nicosia, Cyprus. OptimumCE has been recently registered as a limited liability company (L.L.C.).

During the four decades of its operation, it has built up an outstanding reputation in providing specialized engineering consultancy services in the construction industry and it has successfully accomplished hundreds of building and other projects. It is acknowledged by clients, architects and cooperators in the construction process, as a trustworthy and distinguished office; guaranteeing substantial client service and performing design solutions based on three fundamental piers, thus structural safety, cost efficiency and sustainability.

The office is adequately staffed with engineers and draftsmen and it incorporates all the requisite technical equipment and advanced engineering software, offering a broad range of professional services. Major significance is devoted in the lifelong learning and training of the personnel, by participating in university postgraduate programs, conferences, seminars and workshops, in order to meet the current and future challenges of the rapidly evolving engineering society and construction environment.


We are dedicated to provide our clients with professional engineering services for the advancement of human wealth, focusing on efficiency, feasibility and sustainability.

Core Values

Committed to deliver exceptional design solutions, being consistent with the requirements and specifications, within the time constraints and stringently controlling the budget.
Acting honestly and consciously and being a trustworthy partner to existing and new clients throughout and after the cooperation period.
Conforming to the terms of engineering legislation, fulfilling the provisions of building codes and regulations and respecting the human and the natural environment.
Cooperatively working with affiliates and contracted members, since the completion of any project requires the coordinated endeavor of all the involved parties.
Communicating effectively with our clients, being cognizant of their needs and directly responding to their requirements.
Investing in knowledge and lifelong learning, seeking continuous improvement and transferring innovative applications to improve civil engineering practice.