Telecommunication Structures

Our contribution to the telecommunication industry.

Brief Description

  • Analysis and design of various typologies of telecommunication structures.

  • Cost optimization.

  • Assessment of the bearing capacity of existing telecommunication structures and respective strengthening. 

OptimumCE has significant and voluminous work in the design of telecommunication structures. By combining our continuously enriched knowledge background, our specialized software, our extensive experience and our frequent exposure to relative structures, we can deliver exceptional solutions tailored to the diverse requirements of each application. We perform various analyses, ranging from simple linear static analyses to advance nonlinear material and geometric dynamic analyses. The precise determination of the actions, extending from telecommunication equipment self-weight to asymmetric or escalated ice loading, is essential for the derivation of structurally robust and financially feasible solutions. We are able to design a broad range of telecommunication structures, such as rooftop poles, guyed masts and lattice towers.