Other Structures

Encompassing an extended spectrum of non-building structures.

Brief Description

  • Design of non-building structures.
  • Implementation of ad-hoc design codes.

OptimumCE has vigorously explored the modelling, analysis and design aspects of non-building structures. By thoroughly studying the regulations and the codes which condition the design and the erection of these particular structures and by deliberating the relevant research advances we have obtained a comprehensive understanding of their behaviour. Our record contains plenty, diverse non-building structures, with the most common of them being synopsized below:

• Parking sheds.
• Canopies.
• Mobile communication poles, masts and lattice towers.
• Transmission line lattice towers.
• Photovoltaic and solar panel supporting structures.
• Liquid retaining and containment structures.
• Signboards.
• Swimming pools.
• Footbridges.
• Retaining walls.
• Prefabricated Staircases.
• Lighting poles.