Other Services

Dealing with various needs of the construction sector.

Brief Description

  • Engineering consultancy for renovations.
  • Check of structural calculations and drawings.
  • Domestic drainage systems.

The field of the applied civil engineering is remarkably diverse and while it continuously generates many sub-sectors. Our company seeks to embrace other existing and recently launched sub-sectors, in order to fulfill the growing clients’ needs. Besides the services listed in the other sections, we provide these utilitarian subsidiary services

  • Civil and structural engineering consultancy for renovations of existing buildings.
  • Comparative assessment of contractors’ and subcontractors’ tenders.
  • Check of design calculations performed by third party offices or companies.
  • Assessment of structural drawings elaborated by third party offices or companies.
  • Evaluation of the building materials tests’ results and subsequent consultation.
  • Design of domestic sewerage and drainage systems.
  • Marker research for plots allocation for developing purposes.
  • Surveys for segregation of plots.
  • Periodical or ad hoc visual inspection, in-situ and ex-situ laboratory testing and computational assessment of the bearing capacity of existing buildings (three-level inspection).
  • Expertise investigations and reports for buildings’ damages or doubtful quality works.
  • Buildings’ demolition consultancy services.