Maouris oikoSet

Client: Maouris Ceramics Ltd.
Architect: Katia Tappa
Size: 1861 m²
Construction cost: € 2,000,000
Project description:
Commercial, concrete building in Makedonitissa, Nicosia. It consists of a  539 m2 single level basement, used as parking and storage area, a ground floor of 482 m2, which accommodates the main showroom area, a mezzanine level of 198 m2, used as storage and auxiliary area, a first floor of 321 m2, utilized partially as showroom and partially as office area and a second floor of 321m2, used as residential apartment. A structural system where the lateral load resistance is provided by a combination of concrete columns and shear walls, classified as frame-equivalent dual system, has been implemented in order to deal with the elevation irregularities and the non-uniform mass distribution along the height of the building, due to the discrepancies in the use of the various levels.