Flavia Building

Client: Flavia Prime Properties LTD
Architect: Elena Constantinidou
Size: 1975 m²
Construction cost: € 1,700,000
Project description:
The concrete building located in Aglantzia, Nicosia, consists of a two level basement of total plan area 970 m2, used partially as parking space and partially as storage area. The ground floor (240 m2) was design to be utilized as commercial or office area, while the mezzanine (90 m2) services the storage and the auxiliary needs of the ground floor. The first and the second story – having equal plan area with the ground floor – and the third story (195 m2) are designated for office use. A raft foundation, resting on improved subgrade gravel layers, was selected to support the concrete superstructure, ensuring sufficient reduction of the differential settlements, induced by the underlying clayey soils. Steel section piles in combination with ground anchors were implemented for the temporary retaining of the excavation area.