Our contribution to the requirements of the construction industry.

OptimumCE provides a diverse spectrum of civil engineering services for over 30 years. Our primary concern is to satisfy the individual and heterogeneous needs of our clients, by deriving structurally excelsior, financially optimum and sustainable solutions, remaining dedicated to social and engineering ethics and advocating health and safety. Besides the intensive involvement in buildings’ structural design, our office has broaden its services horizons, by tendering a plethora of other services, seeking to fulfill the demands of the construction industry and to keep in touch with the engineering research progress. Utilizing modern engineering concepts, well established engineering principles and techniques and advanced software, we formulate superb solutions.

The provided services are quoted below. You can click on each service sector for further information.

Structural design of buildings ranging from typical residences to areas susceptible to large crowd with distinctive requirements.

Novel solutions for complex industrial structures and structural design of the accommodated industrial equipment.

Energy performance and certification of buildings.

Environmental impact assessment of the effects of certain plans and programms.

Seismic Isolation – An innovative design approach, used for the mitigation of the earthquake induced actions their potential resulting damages in structures.

Energy Dissipation Devices – Reduction of the structural response under lateral loads, via application of dampers.

Thorough design of non-building structures, such as liquid storage tanks, lattice towers, masts, poles, silos, signboards, photovoltaic supporting structures etc.

Height and/or plan extensions of existing buildings.

Strengthening, seismic upgrading, retrofit and assessment of the bearing capacity of existing structures.

Proficient analysis and design solutions.

Pushover, nonlinear time history analyses, inelastic structural modeling, finite element analyses, pounding analyses etc.

Enhancement of buildings’ structural performance and exploration of the most cost-effective structural solutions.

Analysis, design, assessment and strengthening of telecommunication structures varying from simple rooftop poles to high-rise lattice masts.

Broad spectrum of expedient services and utilitarian assistance to owners and contractors.