Bioland Energy Ltd.

Client: Bioland Energy Ltd.
Architect: A. Savva & P. Xenofontos
Size: 10.000 m² (approximately)
Project description:

Tyre recycling industrial plant, in Limassol, Cyprus, comprising of three structurally independent industrial facilities. The structures, which accommodate extremely heavy mechanical (pyrolysis) equipment, consist of raft foundation, concrete basement and steel superstructure. The implementation of seismic gaps was considered beneficial for the reduction of the plan eccentricities and the minimization of torsional response of the buildings. The operation of a monorail crane bridge necessitated the thorough analysis and design of the structure under the static, the acceleration and the deceleration actions of the crane. Furthermore, special emphasis was given in the design of the ribbed slabs, which constitute a triaxial vehicle access area. Topology, material and section optimization has been performed.