Guyed lattice tower

Client: Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (CYTA)
Project description:
The objective of this project was the replacement of an existing, structurally insufficient, rooftop telecommunication structure with a new 17 m structure. The height of the new structure and the resulting increased loads, in combination with the finite bearing capacity of the roof slab of the existing building, required the implementation of an ad-hoc designed structure. The application of a guyed lattice tower was derived as the most ideal solution, since it incorporates increased lateral stiffness and distribution of the induced loads to a wider area, so as to prevent local failures of the roof’s concrete slab. The task involved the assessment of the bearing capacity of the existing building, the analyses of the main structure and the analyses of the structural connections. The structural response of the tower, under the imposition of wind, earthquake, live, temperature and icing actions, was thoroughly investigated. Moreover, nonlinear geometrical analyses were performed, due to the existence of structural cable elements and due to the susceptibility of these structures to second order effects.