Archaeological Sight in Aradippou

Client: Aradippou Municipality
Architect: Nasso Chrysochou Architects
Size: 1380 m² + 40 m² (auxiliary room)
Project description:
This structure is going to be erected in Aradippou, Larnaca. Its purpose is to cover archaeological findings, situated below the ground level, and simultaneously operate as an exposition area, attracting visitors. The structure is partially founded below the ground level and partially at the ground level, a particularity which required special treatment, due to the differential seismic displacement response at the two levels. The floor is composed of wide flange steel main beams, which form a relatively rigid diaphragm, whereas I-sections are selected for the secondary beams. A glass floor rests on the beams’ grid, providing perspicuous visibility of the underlying area of interest. Moreover, an auxiliary room is going to be constructed, comprising stone masonry structure and timber roof.