I.M.K.A. Quality Farm United

Size: 11,000 m²
Construction cost: € 2,000,000
Project description:
This is a cow farm constructed in the area of Ahna village, in the region of Famagusta. The project consists of various structurally independent units. The animals are lodged under a steel shed, with plan area of 7800 m² and main span 32.5 m, which provides them protection against unfavorable environmental conditions. The same area serves also the feeding purposes. Furthermore, there is a cereal store, with plan area of 1800 m². A composite structural system has been implemented for the aforementioned building, where the steel columns constitute the vertical load resisting system, the reinforced concrete walls, inserted between the perimeter steel columns behave as a retaining structure for the contained cereals and both steel columns and concrete walls contribute to the lateral load resisting system. A two storey steel building has been erected, where the ground floor is used as milking area and the first story is used as an administration office, while a steel shed covers 340 m² of the available yard. A single storey, reinforced concrete building is utilized as an employees’ quarter (110 m2). Additionally, a reinforced concrete water tower has been constructed. The water tank is 3 m tall, with plan area of 150 m², and it is supported by 5.5 m tall concrete columns. Moreover, an underground, oblong raft foundation supports the truck weighing scale.