Cyta Telecommunication Structures

Client: Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (CYTA)
Project description:
During this contractual agreement with Cyprus Telecommunications Authority, the leading provider of integrated electronic communication services in Cyprus, we delivered a diverse range of civil engineering services. We undertook the renewal or the acquisition of town planning and building permits for existing or new telecommunications structures, all over Cyprus. Additionally, we assessed the bearing capacity of existing buildings and their capacity to accommodate rooftop antennas and telecommunication equipment and prepared respective technical reports. We consulted and supervised the refurbishment and maintenance of existing telecommunication structures and we supervised the installation of new rooftop and ground supported antennas. Furthermore, we accomplished the structural design of newly introduced types of telecommunication structures. Specifically, we thoroughly examined their structural response under the imposition of wind, earthquake, temperature and icing actions and derived the optimum solutions. Moreover, we supervised their fabrication and installation in various sites.