Traditional Dwelling in the Walled City of Nicosia

Architect: Telesforos Kalakoutis
Project description:
The plot is located in the walled old city of Nicosia. The existing adobe masonry building, being under protection status due to its traditional architectural style, was dilapidated and particularly its bearing components developed significant damages. The adobe walls were conserved and they were tied with solid wood elements at their intersections. The stone arch was diligently strengthened. Specifically, it was notched along its entire length; steel reinforcing rebars were installed lengthwise, and the notches were filled with epoxy resin mortar. All the indicated measures for the static upgrade of the dwelling were applied. Next to the retrofitted building, an apartment building has been constructed. This three story concrete structure, utilizes assiduously selected facade materials, so a harmonic concordance between the new and the existing building is achieved, with respect to the traditional architectural style of the surrounding area and the local environment.